Saturday, 1 April 2017

Sarah's Life | Things I've Learnt by 31

Back in January I turned 31 and I have grown into a young woman, and yes I am still young thank you very much, even if it does make me feel old when young children now refer to me as "lady" in shops. Makes me shudder just thinking about it!!!

Throughout my 20's and the first year of my 30's I had some of the best times of my life, I had crazy holidays with the girls, made some amazing friends, I had the funnest times ever with my crazy gangs, I look back on the majority of my 20's with a smile and feeling happy at the memories. As well as that though, I've also had my heart broken, I've lost people close to me, I've been through rubbish times and I have had roller coaster friendships which resulted in losing friends I never thought I would.
I have definitely learnt a thing or two along this crazy ride we call life, and I thought tonight while I am sitting here watching Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway and feeling rather hungover, I would share some of the things I have learnt with all of you.

1. Love Yourself.
This is something I am still mastering to this day. I was never self conscious about my looks until I hit my 20's and then BAM, in came the self conscious body shaming person I am now. Being from Liverpool where girls get their makeup professionally done just to go out for Sunday lunch, always have the perfect spray tan and hair extensions and are always done up immaculate no matter what, it's hard sometimes not to feel like a "Plain Jane" or that you just aren't pretty enough and that you will just get forgotten in a crowd of super skinny gorgeous and glamorous girls. But I am starting to realise that you know what, I might not be a size 6, I might not have extensions down my back (apart from my clip ins sometimes!) and I might not have legs that go on for days but I am me, there is only one of me, and there will never be another me. And I think that's pretty amazing. I have good legs even though they are short, I get complimented on my eyes all the time, I have been told I have a good set of Lady Lumps on me, and I think I am a loyal, caring and rather funny person, even if I do say so myself. Everyone is unique and different and I am finally learning to appreciate what I am rather than hating myself for what I'm not.
2. Don't follow the crowd.
Whether it being the latest fashion trend, the newest film everyone's raving about, the newest 'in' band that everyone fell in love with at Glastonbury, the latest new bar that's opened or going on holiday to certain places where every one and their dog seem to be going to this Summer. If you don't like it then don't pretend to. Following on from number 1, everyone's different and pretending to like something just to fit in is only going to make you unhappy. Give things a go, but if it's not you, be proud and say so. Find the bands and films you do like and love those things instead. Dress for you and no one else. Don't force yourself to feel uncomfortable on a sunbed in Marbella if that scene isn't for you. Do you and be proud of who you are. Be yourself in a world full of sheep.

3. You don't have to have your life figured out by the time you are 18.
I still to this day don't have a clue what I want to do for a living, but in this day and age it doesn't matter. I did Travel and Tourism for my A-Levels and now, 13 years later, I have never used it. I have worked in a steady secure job for the last 11 years and I am now being made redundant later in the year meaning I have to start all over again. My Auntie gained a Law Degree when she was in her 40's. My sister-in-law (to be, hopefully!) is doing a teaching degree now at the age of 30. If you don't have your life figured out by the time you are 18 it's not a problem. Take your time and find the right path for you at the age you feel ready.

4. Don't "settle" through fear of being alone.
My longest relationship was just over 4 years and that ended two days before my 24th Birthday in 2010. I had been unhappy in the relationship for a long time, it was a very argumentative relationship and I wasn't treated like I should have been, but I stayed in the relationship for longer than I should have because I was settling and scared of being by myself. Looking back now, I was stupid but I don't regret it because it taught me one of the most valuable lessons I have ever learnt. Never settle for someone who doesn't excite you, make you happy and bring more unhappiness than happiness to your life. Stay single until that person comes along that blows your mind.

5. Spend quality time with your family.
The last few years have taught me that you never know what is around the corner. A lot of my friends have lost parents and loved ones, I have lost relatives throughout my life, and it just makes you realise that your family will not be there forever. Yes they might annoy us sometimes, but spending quality time with your family and making memories with them while you can is so so important. It's something you will never be able to get back once the moments gone and in later life you will wish you could. Make time for your parents, don't begrudge not being able to go out with your friends 1 time out of a millon to attend a family thing, go and see your nan you've been too busy to see. Your family can't be replaced so appreciate them while they are around.

6. Travel whenever you can.
I genuinely think this is one the best lessons you can learn. I feel like travelling around places really opens your eyes and makes you learn so much. See new places and make memories with your friends, I promise you those memories will last you a lifetime. My favourite memories from my whole 31 years so far are my memories I've made on holiday with my friends and from the wonderful new places I have experienced. It just cannot be beaten. Take in the sights of a new place and experience different ways of life. Eat the local food of the places you visit, don't just live out of the McDonald's and Burger King, try the local cuisine. See the world through someone else's eyes. Breathe in the foreign air and feel the warmth of a different countries sun. You might be spending money but the experiences and memories will make you so much richer. Your not a tree, you may have roots where you live but you are not bound into the ground. Life is a book, don't live your life only reading one page.

7. Friendship's don't always last.
When you are young you think the friends you have in school will be the friends you will have all your life. I am telling you now, it is very rare to have all of your school friends in your life when you hit 30. Up until I was 30 I had a grand total of 2 school friends who I saw all the time, now I have 1. Things change, situations change and as hard as it is people outgrow each other and friendships fizzle away in front of your eyes. Sometimes it's through your own choice, and sometimes it's through absolutely no choice of your own, and it will hurt a lot, but not everyone is supposed to make it to your future. All of my friends now are family, friends I have met in jobs and other people I have met along the way. Sometimes the friendship thing is a tough thing to go through but sometimes it's necessary to move on from certain friendships and when you get older it's definitely something you realise.

8. Do what makes you happy.
Live your life un-apologetically. Do things that make you happy and not things that keep other people happy. Again this is something I am still trying to get to grips with as I am the worlds biggest people pleaser but I know that for my own happiness sometimes I have to be selfish and put myself first. Don't feel like you have to explain yourself to people all the time for decisions you make. I'm still working on this one but I am definitely slowly getting there.

9. Don't worry what people think of you.
Another one I am coming to terms with slowly but surely, but I am definitely getting there. When I was in my 20's I was so insecure and constantly worrying about what people thought of me any time I spoke or did anything at all. I would over think everything I put on facebook incase I came across as someone people would think was a loser, I wouldn't be photographed in the same outfit more than once incase people called me a tramp, I was scared to voice an opinion or answer people back incase I came across in a bad way, but as I am getting older I am definitely starting to not care and I am such a confident person now. I may not be as comfortable as I would like within how I look, but the person I am inside is definitely someone I am confident with and now I just think, I am me and if people do not like it then that's fine. Not everyone in the world is going to like you, but as long as you like yourself then that's all that matters. I would rather be one persons glass of champagne than everyone's cup of tea.
10. Stand up for yourself.
Following on from the last one, always always stand up for yourself. I used to be so scared of this but now I always make sure I stand up for myself when needs be. I have came across some awful people in my career that seemed to get happiness out of tearing me down at every opportunity. I took it for so long but then I stood up for myself and carried on standing up for myself and it's such an important thing to learn and it is definitely something that a lot of the time I feel comes with age. Always stand up for yourself because you will find a lot of the time, you're the only person who will.

11. Eat the cake.
Everything is OK in moderation. If you want the cake, eat the god damn cake!!! Life is too short to be depriving yourself of things and as long as you don't overdo it and make sure you exercise, a slice of cake, or a piece of chocolate is not going to hurt you. Everything in moderation.

12. Cut ties with the toxic people in your life however hard it may be.
This is probably one of the hardest things you will ever have to do, but if someone is constantly bringing bad vibes and unhappiness into your life, no matter who they are, sometimes you just have to let them go. I have learnt this the hardway recently with someone who I cared about so much but created a very toxic situation in my life. It was making me extremely unhappy and I was becoming a completely different person because of it. I had to get all my courage and walk away even though it killed me. Looking back it was the best thing I did and opened up doors to so many other amazing things. Cut away that toxicness and bring light into your life.

12. Don't judge people.
It's so easy to sit there and judge people because they dress differently to you, or they like different music to you, or have different interests that you couldn't imagine ever being interested in. Sometimes though you find the nicest people or the best friendships in the most unlikely of places. A few of my friendships have come from people who, before they knew me, thought I was a snotty cow haha. Now they are some of my best friends. I've recently spoken to people who I've known of for years and never really liked and always thought wouldn't be my cup of tea, and after speaking to them, I think they are genuinely boss people. Leave your judgemental head in bed of a morning and you will be surprised what happens.

13. Be positive,
Pretty self explanatory. Your vibe attracts your tribe, and your attitude greatly affects your life. If you are a negative Nancy you will attract negativity in all aspects of life. Be a positive Polly instead. Or try to be whenever you can. There will always be times when you feel down, or you feel fed up, and that's fine, allow yourself to have those days. But on the whole, if you try to be a positive person, the impact on your life will be far greater than the impact of negativity.

14. Life isn't a competition.
Just because all your friends might be at different stages in their lives than you, it doesn't mean that you are a failure or that you are falling behind. If your friend has a boy interested in them don't get jealous and bitter because you aren't getting the attention, be happy for them. If someone gets a promotion or a new job, congratulate them and celebrate their success. Everyone is different and has a different path, things will happen for you when they are meant to and not a moment before. The attention will come when it's meant to. The great job will come when it's meant to. The babies and marriage will come when it's meant to. Don't compete with your friends or people you know. The only person you should be in competition with and try to be better than is yourself.

15. Experiences are more valuable than material things.
I have found as I have gotten older that it's far more valuable to spend your time making memories with my friends and family, experiencing things I will remember forever and taking amazing trips than it is buying Valentino Shoes or buying a designer bag. Don't get me wrong, if I had the money I would still absolutely love a pair of Louboutins, or a gorgeous Chloe bag, but I don't have that money to spend and I know that it's not worth missing out on new experiences or making memories with my friends for a pair of shoes, so the cheaper dupes will do me. What good comes from sitting in your house surrounded by expensive things and not being able to actually live your life? Don;t try and live a Champagne lifestyle on a Prosecco wage.
16. You can't trust everyone.
Not everyone who listens to your problems has true intentions and not everyone will be true to you behind your back. Trust but be careful. I used to trust everyone but now my trust has to be earned. Always trust peoples actions rather than peoples words. People can promise you the world, or promise you they have your back and will be there for you through anything, but when it comes down to it they aren't. Be picky with who you place your trust with. Once you break my trust, it's near enough impossible to get it back.

17. Trust your gut.
If your gut instinct is that when you meet someone they aren't good for you or your life, or that a job you have started isn't for you or that a situation you are in gives you a bad feeling. Trust it! 99.9% of the time your gut is right. Your heart and head can play tricks on you, but that gut feeling is never wrong.

18. Get excited about the small things, not just the big things.
People tell me sometimes that I get excited over the smallest things and it hardly takes anything to excite me and they don't get how I get so exited over such small stuff, but I don't see anything wrong with that. As you grow up you begin to realise that sometimes the smallest things create the biggest and best memories from your life. Even just starting your day driving to work and getting excited because Britney Spears Toxic comes on the radio and you haven't heard it for ages, get excited. Love the small moments not just the big ones and your life will be so much more satisfying.
19. Alone time is very important.
Let yourself be alone. Take time out to spend the day watching netflix or go for a drive or a walk by yourself. Take yourself off to get your nails done. Set aside an afternoon to have a nice bath and pamper yourself. Alone time is essential to find out who we are and de-stress. After a hard day at work, if you need some alone time, take it. Do not feel like you have to be busy all the time and be doing things constantly to be happy. Sometimes an afternoon watching a series on netflix, lighting some candles and making yourself a nice hot chocolate can make you just as happy as a night out with your friends.

So they are some of the biggest things I have learnt and realised as I have grown from a girl into a woman. I have grown so much throughout my 20's and the person I was at 18 is so so different to the person I am now. I have changed from a shy quiet girl into a loud confident woman and I have grown and learnt from all the things life has thrown at me. I am still struggling with a few things I have listed myself, but I know that will come in time. I loved being in my 20's but being in my 30's brings a new confidence, I 100% know who I am, I am not afraid to be myself, and I know what's good for me and what I want my life to be like. It's a good feeling. :)

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Sarah Travels | Paris

Bonjour mes amis!

Just before Christmas I went on a weekend away to Paris with my Cousin/Bestie. I had previously been to Paris way way wayyyy back in 2006 with an ex boyfriend but to say it was a nightmare trip is an understatement. We went for our first year anniversary, and considering it's meant to be the capital of Love, we spent our whole 4 days arguing and the only touristy thing we saw was the Eiffel Tower. How that relationship lasted for 4 years I will never know! 
Despite all the arguments though I did fall completely in love with the city of lights. My bedroom is proof with Eiffel Tower and Paris stuff everywhere, and ever since 2006 I have been so desperate to go back, see all the sights I missed out on and make better memories there. It's such a good feeling to finally be able to sit here and say I have done that and think about Paris with the biggest smile rather than the memories being plagued with arguments. :)

We only went for 2 days but we crammed so much into it that it definitely feels like we went for longer. Our flight was at 7:00am and we just literally dropped our bags off at the hotel and then off we went to explore the French Capital. Our hotel was so cute with the prettiest view over the rooftops of the city from the balcony which looked extra special in the morning when the sun was coming up.

Before we went we had pre-booked our tour bus tickets which meant we could travel freely around the city just  jumping on and off the buses at each tourist spot. The first thing we did was visit the Arc de Triomphe. The Arc is situated right at the very top of the Champs Elysées and we bought tickets to go up to the top. The Arc itself is incredible and such a gorgeous memorial for the veterans who lost their lives in war. The views of Paris from the top was just amazing. There is A LOT of stairs to climb to get to the top but the views just make it so worthwhile. I definitely recommend doing it.

Next stop was the Eiffel Tower which I had seen on my previous visit to Paris but only managed to get onto the first floor. This time we ventured right up to the top! This was the highlight of my whole trip I think. Standing at the very top of the Eiffel Tower with one of my favourite people, drinking champagne was just the best feeling. You can literally see for miles around and I was strangely not scared which shocked me because I normally get the worst jelly legs with anything to do with heights! It just feels so safe up there though which surprised me a lot. The amount of time you have to queue to get into each lift was pretty ridiculous though, it was just never ending! But definitely worth it. Not only that, I got to see the most beautiful sunset from the second level when I was making my way down. No words for that!

 After the Eiffel Tower we decided to do our river cruise which we got included in the price of the sightseeing bus tickets. Now bearing in mind we went at the very end of November, the cruise was absolutely FREEZING but we got to see the Eiffel Tower light up the sky with its twinkling light display from the River and I have never see anything so pretty in all my life.
The next day we started at the Louvre and I finally got to see the one and only miss Mona Lisa! Plus we got to take the tourist photos outside which I was dying to do haha. I was really shocked at how small the Mona Lisa actually was but I was so excited when I saw it. You can't get too close as there are barriers around it and it's in a glass box but just being close to something so famous was definitely a wow moment. I couldn't get over how grand and extravagant the Louvre was, I thought it would be quite small but it was huge and the interior is probably one of the most gorgeous places I have ever seen! Every ceiling you looked at, every new room you went in was just so beautiful. We didn't have enough time to look around the whole thing so we just went and saw the Mona Lisa and a few other things my cousin wanted to see but I definitely want to go back and have a proper stroll around without worrying about the time.

Next for us little tourists was the absolutely gorgeous Notre Dame. Unfortunately, like with the Louvre, we were on a time limit and the queues to get in were about 2 hours long so we just didn't have the time to go inside but the outside was stunning and I was dying to go hunting for Quasimodo haha. if you are going to visit here and want to go inside I definitely recommend leaving plenty of time for queueing. Next time I'm in Paris this is definitely on my list to re-visit!

After there we headed over to the love lock bridge. I know it's meant for people in relationships but me and my cousin had a best friends lock made and we wanted to put it on. We locked it onto the bridge, and we had 3 keys, we threw one into the river, and we both kept one each and have them on our house keys :) it was such a special moment which I'll never forget and I'm glad I got to share it with my girl! I feel very lucky to have a best friend who is also family and this was a perfect way to put a little extra special stamp on our trip!
The rest of the day we just went shopping down the Champs Elysées. The Christmas markets had just started and they stretched down the whole length of it! It was so gorgeous and Christmassy  and we treated ourselves to a nice mulled cider and some pancakes!
Over the two days we also decided to try some tradition French delicacies so we tried both frogs legs and snails! I was absolutely terrified and my inner wimp definitely made an appearance both times haha! But when in France! The snails were not what I was expecting at all, you have to pick them out of the shell with a little metal fork and they are very very chewy. The frogs legs were also quite chewy and were so much bigger than I was expecting! I nearly had a heart attack when they came out and they were nearly the size of my plate haha! I don't think I will be in a rush to eat either again but at least I can say I have tried a snail and frog! We also had some French Crepes, Creme Brulee, Macaroons and waffles! We definitely ate very well on this trip! You have to try the local food when you travel to a new place, it would be rude not to! Bon appetite!

The trip was just such a lovely and fun weekend and it's made me fall in love with Paris all over again. It was my cousins first time there and she absolutely loved it as well. It's definitely one of those places I know for sure I will be returning to over and over again throughout my life and it will always hold such a special place in my heart. I could spend so many days getting lost in the beautiful streets, sitting on street corners drinking hot chocolate or wine and eating pastries, taking afternoon walks down the Seine and I don't think I would ever get tired of seeing Miss Eiffel in all her glory spreading light all over the city and twinkling like stars in front of my eyes. It's such a magical city and somewhere everyone should experience at least once in their life.

"There is but one Paris, the french air clears up the brain and does good....a world of good" 
- Vincent Van Gogh

Paris, je t'aime ❤️


Monday, 27 February 2017

Sarah Loves | Oscars 2017 Fashion

Award season is great isn't it. I'm not particularly fussed on who wins what, apart from when Leo finally won his Oscar because I think everyone in the world was rooting for that babe! (GO ON LEO!)
I just absolutely love seeing what dresses and shoes everyone is wearing, the gorgeous hair and makeup looks the millions of glam squads have created and seeing all the men looking extremely handsome in their suits! Ryan Gosling, I am looking at you!
Some of the outfit choices at awards ceremonies could definitely be described as weird and wonderful or fit right in at fancy dress parties, (think CeeLo Green in that gold body paint, and machine get-up, Bjork with that swan round her neck, or Gaga in that meat dress), but it's the glitz and the glamour that I love and the Oscar's never fails to disappoint in that department!
Everyone has their favourites and I thought I would share mine after looking at the dresses pretty much all day, which I'm pretty sure my boss wouldn't appreciate if she was reading this! Oops!

First up we have my favourite of the whole night, the absolutely gorgeous Miss Emma Stone.
Emma was wearing a beautiful dress by Givenchy and I just think she looked absolutely stunning. I like the fact she doesn't slap on the fake tan, doesn't wear hair extensions and is just herself, she's such a natural beauty and this dress just looks amazing on her! I love the modern twist on the 1920's style flapper dress and the colour is stunning. Top marks from me Miss Stone! 

Second, we have the ultimate screen queen, Nicole Kidman.
Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the detailing on this unbelievable Armani Privé dress?!! The pattern on this dress is just stunning and I really hope I have a figure like her's when I'm nearly 50 because she looks amazing! I love the simple hair too to keep the focus on the dress as well. So elegant!

Next up we have Taraji P. Henson.
How fierce does she look! I absolutely love this gorgeous custom Alberta Ferretti velvet dress and the sweetheart neckline really suits her shape. Normally legs and boobs are a no-go in the fashion world,
but I love that she's got the thigh high split and the boobs out and she really pulls it off and doesn't look tacky at all. She is rocking that bob as well, I need to know what volumising product she uses ASAP!

The fourth of my favourites goes to Olivia Culpo.
Similar to Emma Stone's Flapper Style dress, is this gorgeous Marchesa dress. It is very similar to Emma's but I love the colour and the cute little black bow around the middle just gives it a younger more playful vibe. I love how her hair is thrown back into a gorgeous sleek ponytail and her makeup is gorgeous. That lip colour is so pretty! If I wore this dress I would 100% be shaking my tassles all night long! haha!

Last for the girls we have Chrissy Teigan, and to start off the men, her husband John Legend.
Power Couple Alert!
This is literally my favourite couple ever at the minute, Chrissy Teigan is my favourite person ever right now, she is hysterical! Chrissy looks amazing in her Zuhair Murad Couture gown, (one of my favourite designers ever and someone I would personally love to wear if I ever went to something like this!) and John looks so handsome in his Gucci suit. I love the long train on the dress and the detailing on the top half is stunning!

For the rest of my picks for the men we have Ryan Gosling and Aldis Hodge.
How could I not include Ryan Gosling. The man is incredible! How can you not include someone who makes a ruffle front 80's style shirt look cool?! Gosling looks very good in his Gucci suit, the suit reminds me of a prom suit and I really wouldn't say no to a date to Prom with him!

Aldis Hodge was my final pick for the men because I just thought he really looks cool in this Georgio Armani suit. I love his little pocket chain, I think it's nice to see something a bit different to break up your average suit and that watch is some serious bling isn't it! Very suave Mr. Hodge!

Special mention has to go to Sunny Pawar!
Is this not the coolest kid you have ever laid eyes on??!!! Apart from the fact that he is absolutely gorgeous, he looks so adorable in his suit and I love his little jazzy boots he's got on with it. This kid definitely outshone half the other stars there! Loved him!

So they were my favourites! Is it too early to get excited for next year? Haha. Imagine going to the Oscars, I would definitely want to wear a Zuhair Murad dress I think, I have loved pretty much every red carpet gown I've ever seen anyone wear by him and his designs are always so detailed and beautiful. Zuhair if you are reading this.... haha!
See you next year Oscar's for more glitz and glamour!


Sunday, 26 February 2017

Sarah Travels | Chamonix

In January I was lucky enough to book a last minute trip away with two friends to the Winter Wonderland Chamonix in the French Alps.
I had never heard of it before but one of my friends mentioned it to me because she wanted to go and when I looked into it I knew straight away that I had to get there ASAP. 

We went for 3 nights and didn't ski or snowboard so because we went purely for the sightseeing, this was plenty of time. I think if we had been skiing then we would have needed a few more days. We stayed in the cutest little apartment (we all actually started jumping up and down with happiness when we walked into it haha) and it had the most amazing view from the balcony over the town.

I felt like the luckiest girl in the world waking up every morning and looking out the window to that view. You know one of those "I can't believe this is real?!" moments? That was definitely one of those!
The time we were there for was just magical. The place itself is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. We were lucky because when we went, thick snow was covering every inch of it which just made it even more beautiful. I think it would be beautiful all year round, but the snow definitely made it all that more special. 
We spent all our time there taking in the amazing scenery, laughing our wooly hats off, drinking the most delicious hot chocolate and eating crepes, waffles and all the gorgeous french food during the day and of a night we danced our legs off in the local clubs. My favourites were Le Bar du Moulin and Le Priviledge, and of course, we drank A LOT of wine! I definitly liked the fact I could go out in the nighttime in my jeans, a jumper, coat and hat, flat boots, hardly any makeup and no hair extensions and no one would bat an eyelid because everyone was the same. Imagine doing that in Liverpool?! 
Chamonix is quite an expensive place so we made the most of the local supermarket rather than eating out constantly because it was so last minute that none of us really had time to save any spending money. If you plan on doing some shopping there I definitely recommend taking a fair amount of Euro's with you.

On the second day we were there we decided to take a trip up the Aiguille Du Midi. We took a cable car up to the top, which is the longest and highest cable car in Europe. The cable car took us up Mont Blanc and it took us 3842m up to the highest accessible point you can reach on the mountain without climbing. The summit of Mont Blanc is 4810m so we were very close to the top. We paid $60 to go up and we were supposed to be going into the glass box up there called The Step into the Void, but unfortunatly this was closed due to the weather as it was so cold and frozen! To say I was gutted was an understatement as I was looking forward to doing that so much and had really been psyching myself up for it but at least now I have an excuse to go back haha. 
The views from the top were like nothing I had ever seen before. They just left me absolutely speechless and it just wouldn't sink in what I was actually seeing. The beauty of the mountains just took my breath away (the altitude probably never helped haha) and I actually got quite emotional up there. After taking in the views, we had a nice hot chocolate in the cafe looking over the mountains and Chamonix town below, and we treated ourselves to some souvenirs to remember our day by and then headed back down. I can honestly say that it was one of the most amazing things I have ever done and it is something I will never forget.

I mean, I still get blown away looking back at the photos. There's just no words to describe exactly how amazing it was. The photos honestly don't do it justice.
It was such a chilled and laid back holiday and I just felt the happiest and the most calm I've felt in the longest time when I was there. From the second I left on the plane to the second I boarded to come home, I just loved every second. It was definitely one of the best few days of my life and one of the best holidays I have ever had. I am definitely going to go back again and going to ski or snowboard this time. I will definitely need some lessons though because if I don't practice first I will end up looking like bambi rather than a graceful ski queen haha. I highly recommend everyone to visit Chamonix at some point and hopefully you will all fall in love with the magical winter wonderland just like I did!