Sunday, 25 September 2016

Sarah's Blogging Comeback | Let's Try This Again...

Well hello there people of the Blogosphere!

Guess who's back...back again....

It feels so strange writing on this little blog again! I used to write on here all the time a few years ago and then life happened, I got busy, I became uninspired and deleted all my posts and just left my blog to gather dust here in my little corner of the web!

I've thought about coming back and re-starting my blog a lot of times over the last few years and it's never happened. Recently though I've became more and more inspired to start writing on here again. I just want to do it a little differently.
Last time around I focused my whole blog on just Beauty and Fashion. Two of my biggest loves and two things I could happily spend my days reading about, drooling over and shopping for. But I found myself getting bored of writing about the same things and just attempting badly at reviewing Highlighters all the time. I want to talk about all different things on my blog and not just be pigeon holed into one category. I want to create more of a lifestyle blog with all my passions thrown in, whether it being a brand new highlighter, a new outfit I've worn and feel fabulous in, a new place I've visited which has stolen my heart, a new restaurant I've visited which has filled my stomach with happiness or when I just feel like rambling on when I need to and letting off some steam about different topics and issues.

I'm 30 now and when I started this blog I was in my early 20's. I feel like I've grown as a person and my idea's of what I want to write about on my blog are different. My blog last time was not me at all, it was a me I created because I felt like I needed to be something I wasn't to have a successful blog. It worked in a way, I got a couple of hundred followers but I was trying to fit the mould of what a blogger at the moment should be and should be talking about, not what I wanted to talk about and I wasn't being myself at all. I have a busy social life, I don't have a lot of money,, I have a 9-5 job, I don't have fancy camera equipment other bloggers have. I want this to be a hobby, somewhere I like coming to, and can just post whatever I want.

So let's all raise a glass of Rosé (or vodka, whatever you prefer) and cheers to my new blogging chapter! :)

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