Sunday, 9 July 2017

Sarah Visits | Leasowe Castle

A few weekends ago me and my boyfriend Craig went away for our first weekend away together :)
Your first weekend away with someone is always a stressful time isn't it. So many things run through your head. Will they keep me awake all night snoring? What if I snore? What it you fart in your sleep? Will they annoy you being together for longer than normal? What if they see you without makeup on and run away screaming?!! How do you look attractive with morning hair and morning breath if he wants a smooch when he wakes up? When your away with your girls you are literally the comfiest ever and don't care about anything, but going away with your new boyfriend who you have only been with a couple of months is a whole new ballgame! 
Despite all the questions you ask yourself though, going away for the first time with your boyfriend is the most exciting thing ever! The night before I was like a kid on Christmas Eve and thought a whole gang of butterflies were going to explode out of my stomach! That's when you know it's serious and if you can survive a weekend away together, you know you have found yourself a keeper. Luckily for me, I definitely think I have.

We were only going away for the night so we didnt want anything too far and Craig found this gorgeous hotel called Leasowe Castle, just through the tunnel and over the other side of the River Mersey in a place called Moreton in the Wirral. The hotel was just absolutely beautiful. It hosts functions and is very popular with Weddings, there was actually a Wedding on the weekend we were there, and it is set in stunning surroundings overlooking Leasowe Golf Course and Liverpool Bay. Theres also a really beautiful band stand with pretty lights leading up to it outside which I thought looks perfect especially of a night time when you could see it on the grounds all lit up looking gorgeous. The inside of the hotel is decorated beautifully with the interior of the hotel itself not too modern and keeping the castle vibes running through it, especially the staircase leading up to the corridor our room was situated on, which had a gorgeous huge iron chandelier hanging and flowers lining the banisters. At reception there was even a knights full suit of armour taking all the limelight as soon as you walked in which I thought looked so cool!

The room we were given was gorgeous, spacious and had a lovely view over the sitting area outside the hotel and the golf course. The staff were all really friendly and really helpful and in the evening we enjoyed a meal in the hotel restaurant called Brasserie 1593, which is open to the public too alongside hotel guests. The food in the restaurant was amazing, it was probably one of the nicest meals I have had in as long as I can remember. We both ordered the same main which was the tastiest burger I think I have ever eaten. It was a salt and pepper chicken burger with chunky home made chips and it was honestly out of this world. If there was a Burger Olympics, it would definitely have won 1st place and be rocking one shiny gold medal! I obviously accompanied it with a large glass of Rose Wine and we enjoyed some desserts afterwards as well. After our meal we went into the hotel bar which really nice as well and had a few drinks and cocktails. It was a really chilled atmosphere and just ended what a special evening so nicely. Although we didn't do much it was just so nice to get away from the stress of everyday life and spend some time together and even though we were only a 20 minute drive away, it felt like we were a million miles away.

The next day we spent the day in West Kirby and New Brighton wandering around and taking in the sea air together. I hadn't been to New Brighton since I was a little girl which is odd for a scouser with it being so close but now I can finally say that at the age of 31 I have been back and I have taken in it's sights! Haha! 
We went for our breakfast in a cute little cafe near the Marine Lake in West Kirby and afterwards we went for a lovely walk around the Lake and watched the wind surfers. It was probably the windiest day I've ever experienced and poor Craig was absolutely soaked once we were back the car but it was still nice despite nearly getting blown back over to Liverpool haha. In New Brighton we spent the afternoon on the arcades where Craig won me a little Teddy Bear off the grab machines (which now has pride of place on my bedside table because I'm a soppy cow) and we went for a walk down the beach. I love just going for walks and being down by the sea, it's one of my favourite things for us to do together so we both loved the whole day. Once we got home we chilled out and watched Love Island because like the rest of the UK, I am actually obsessed and couldn't think of a better way to end the weekend really, could you? ;)

So our first weekend away was a success, Craig didn't nearly gag at my morning breath, I didn't fart in my sleep (I don't think, he hasn't mentioned it...), he didn't annoy me in any way, neither of us woke the other one up snoring, and he didn't run a mile screaming when I took my make-up off!  And I think that getting over that first awkward moment of your boyfriend seeing you barefaced and make-up-less for the first time is something that every girl sees as a major relationship milestone! It was that successful that we have booked another one in a few weeks to a Log Cabin near Manchester, which is for two nights instead of one. And now all the first time worries are out the window, I am looking forward to this one stress free and cool as a cucumber! Roll on the 23rd July!