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Sarah Travels | Budapest

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of moments that take our breath away"

I was sitting on the top of an open top bus, next to my favourite person in the world, the sun shining down on us while the stunning Hungarian city flew past us, the Danube sparkling bright next to us in the sunshine, and seeing Craig sitting next to me beaming with happiness. It was then that I knew Budapest had stolen my heart. (Sorry Paris, I still love you!! This must be what cheating feels like haha!).

Those times in your life where you just feel so happy you could burst, Budapest was one of those times for me.

I'm currently having a lazy Sunday while the rain's pouring down outside so I thought today is the perfect day for a throwback to sunnier times strolling around a glorious city. Let's throw it back to Budapest, mine and Craig's first trip abroad together back in May 2018.

Budapest is somewhere I've wanted to go for a long time. I've never known too much about the place or country as a whole, and it's not the most common of city breaks, but something about it has always intrigued me and I have just felt drawn there and was desperate to go. Once I got there, it became so clear that I had made the right choice in wanting to go there. It's got such a magical feeling to it. It was also mine and Craig's first holiday abroad together, so it was always going to be special no matter where we were, but there was just something about that city. I felt so content, so comfortable and I can see why George Ezra wrote a song about the place.
Castle Hill Furnicular
Fisherman's Bastion & amazing views from the Bastion over the Danube

Fisherman's Bastion
Budapest is split into two sides, Buda and Pest which are separated by the Danube. Buda was definitely my favourite of the two, being home to the absolutely breathtaking Castle District. The Castle District is where you will find Buda Castle (which now houses Budapest History Museum and the Hungarian National Gallery) and Fisherman's Bastion. It was amazing and was completely different to anywhere I'd ever been or anything I'd seen in any other city break I had been on. 
We got the funicular up the hill which took about 5 minutes. I was expecting it to be a little bit longer to be honest but it was so cute! I swear down though, I have never seen Craig so excited. Even now to this day I haven't seen him as excited as he was getting on that funicular haha, whereas I hadn't even heard of a funicular before we went I'm not going to lie! 

The views of across Budapest from the Castle District, and in particular the Fisherman's Basiton are just unreal! 4 of my favourite things in the world, sunsets, rainbows, the sound of the ocean, and a good view!! You can see for miles right across the city and the Parliament building standing tall on the Pest riverside.
The Fisherman's Bastion is a must see while you are in Budapest. It reminded me of Hogwarts (massive Harry Potter fan over here, so more brownie points there!), and although it was extremely crowded it's definitely something I'd highly recommend going to have a look at. I just wanted to don a cloak and a wand and run around shouting Expelliarmus!
While we were there, there was a little market taking place in the Castle District where we tried some "chips on a stick" (not a fan), wandered around the cute little market stands, saw some traditional Hungarian dancers, and had the best pasta I have ever had in a restaurant called Arany Hordo Vendeglo just round the corner from the Fishermans Bastion. Budapest is really big on Paprika and we had the most gorgeous spaghetti with chicken and mushrooms in a creamy paprika sauce, ABSOLUTE HEAVEN! We also saw the changing of the guards in the Buda Castle take place and had the most gorgeous Gelato. It was perfect.

View from the Castle Hill District
Market on Castle Hill & Chip's on a Stick
St Stephen's Basilica  & View's from the top
Budapest Eye & the most stunning sunset from the top of the Eye
Most amazing Pasta in the world at Arany Hordo Vendeglo & the best Pizza's ever at I Quattro Artisti

After we had left the Castle District we travelled back over to the Pest side of the River and went and climbed the millions of steps to the top of St Stephen's Basilica which was an absolute killer, I thought I was gonna have serious quads of steel on the go after climbing those stairs! It was well worth it though when you get to the top and are greeted with some incredible views! Again with the view I know but honestly, see it for yourself and you will understand! 
We ended the day with the nicest Pizza in the world at I Quattro Artisti, Budapest really know how to do good food! We also had some delicious wine, and then had a little ride on the Budapest Eye while the sun was setting. As far as first days on holiday go, it was pretty unbeatable!

The next day we visited the Szechenyi Thermal Baths which is an extravagant thermal outdoor baths and it was amazing. I know the name is thermal bath, but I did not expect the water to be as warm as it was. It was a toasty 26 degrees and I could have spent all day in there if we weren't on a strict timescale.  You can hire a cubicle which you can get changed in and then lock after you to store all your clothes and valuables in and you can hire towels as well which are extremely clean so if you have plans after like we did you don't have to worry about carrying around wet towels with you all day. The place itself is just stunning and although it was extremely busy, it was so relaxing. The only thing I wasn't impressed with was the amount of men who were rocking speedo's but nothing can be perfect I guess haha. It's definitely the number 1 thing I would recommend doing in Budapest along with visiting the Castle District and Fisherman's Bastion.

That day we also visited Margaret Island, a 1 and a half mile Island situated in the middle of the Danube which is covered in Parks and it just absolutely beautiful. We were meant to hire bikes and ride around but we ended up on a little golf style buggy and rode that around the Island which was SO fun! Only problem was, short arse Sarah over here couldn't reach the pedals on it so poor Craig ended up doing all the pedalling while I just steered and videoed us haha!  Again I wish we had longer to spend on there, we didn't plan our time as good on the second day and everything ended up being a bit rushed, but we still got a good hour there. 

We ended this day with a sunset cruise down the Danube which was just absolutely unbelievable and something I would highly recommend doing. We bought hop on hop off bus tickets and got the cruise included in the price for those but they also do more pricey options on more grand boats with meals and music which sounded amazing!  

Margaret Island
Riding around Margaret Island
Sunset boat cruise on the Danube
Parliament Building

On our last day before we went home, we managed to fit in a little trip to the Shoes on the Danube memorial on the Pest side of the River which was really beautiful but also extremely sad.  The Shoes on the Danube memorial was made to remember the thousands of people murdered by being made to remove their shoes and then line up on the River Bank before being shot dead into the River by the Arrow Cross Party during the War. It was extremely moving and such a beautiful way to remember all the innocent people killed in such an awful way. 

Shoes On the Danube Memorial

Budapest is such an amazing City, with absolutely loads to do. We had so much we wanted to see and do which we never got the chance to while we were there. We really want to go and see the Parliament building properly because we only saw it from afar, and we really want to go to Budapest Zoo, go and see Heroes Square and see Liberty Statue. But we also want to spend more time in the Thermal Baths and on Margaret Island. We will definitely be back at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later, to experience what other delights my new favourite city has to offer.

If you haven't been to Budapest before I would definitely add it to your bucket list of places to visit. You won't regret it! 

Once a year, go somewhere you've never been before 


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