Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Sarah's City | City of Light, City of Sanctuary

Last week and through into the weekend, a floating city of light shone bright in a Liverpool park.

An amazing Liverpool based art company called the Lantern Company brought their magical art display to Sefton Park and of course, I had to go down and see it. I have been to a Halloween carnival created by the Lantern Company before and I knew how amazing their creations were and when I saw this advertised I knew I couldn't miss it! I mean, it's a floating city of lanterns! If it doesn't remind you of the lantern scene from Tangled, aka one of the best Disney scenes EVER than you have no soul!
I love how unique the Lantern Companies work is and how beautiful everything that they create is, and the fact that they are a home grown Scouse independent company just makes supporting them even better!

The event took place on Sefton Parks boating lake and was free to attend. Their was was another part to it which was the City of Sanctuary part in the Palm House which also looked brilliant, but that was ticketed and we didn't manage to get tickets unfortunately. Seeing this was enough for me though. Not every day you can say you saw something like this!

It was an absolutely beautiful art event and it blew me away how pretty and magical it was when the night time hit and the city of lanterns shone in all their glory. I love how much diversity there is in Liverpool and always something unique and exciting going on that really manages to bring the city together. If you can't tell, I am a very proud scouser ;) There was so many people there, it was absolutely rammed and over the 5 nights this event was on for, every night was the same. Liverpool just completely fell in love with the shining city on the boating lake and I certainly hope it's not the last time we see it, or something similar comes along soon. 

I just had to end this post with a shot of the gorgeous fire sky above the floating city at dusk while we were waiting for it to go dark. I just love me a good sunset!

Another amazing event Liverpool, well done! Cannot wait for the next one! Keep them coming!